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Dungeons and Pussies P5 :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 58 6
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Like Clockwork - Maid by the Minute :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 43 17
Like Clockwork - Side Story - Spring of Aeons
    It was stormy to say the least. The winds rocked the boat back and forth heavily as the crew shouted all around to regain control of the ship. That’s when the mists parted. As the symbol of their black flag came into view, he shivered. It was the Tentacled Jolly Roger, the terror of-
     “Out of the way!” a voice rudely interrupted Larry’s incredibly vivid daydream. He almost tripped as the cabin boy pushed past him towards his post. Larry shook himself, wondering where this dream had come from. He had been having these kind of dreams quite a lot recently, ever since he had attended the new year’s party at the temple of Alinavious. In fact, the dreams had become more and more vivid lately. They usually only came at night but out on the calm seas, the ship’s rocking was almost like a lullaby. It was a perfect day for sailing, even if he looked a bit out of place on the ship. His lanky build, dirty blond hair, bl
:iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 29 1
Clockwork part 4 - Extra Epilogue
Poll result winners
'Check out the game zone.'
    Joshua pondered as he fiddled with the strange DLC in his hand. It was not at all what he had expected when he decided to improve his class for his new year’s resolution. The trinket was just a black box with a question mark on it. Its strange square gears just wouldn’t budge no matter which way he turned them. What made it even worse was the fact that the majority of DLC’s from the others had activated immediately, leaving him one of the only ones still waiting. There had been some neat ones already like time mage class upgrades, high end clockwork swords shaped like clock arms and rare spells like ‘Stop’.
    When he had asked about his DLC, all that High Priestess Bridget had said was that patience is a virtue. It will happen when the time is right. Figures, of course. This waiting reminded him of his second issue… where the hell were
:iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 54 33
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Like Clockwork Part 4 - New You Revolutions :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 88 37
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Like Clockwork 3 - Sands of Time :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 84 20
Summon Quest - Parts 1 - 3
    As she stared out upon there fair city Princess Bernadine de Besuno or as most called her Princess Bebe grimaced. After all who wouldn't when the news she had received had crowned her the next ruler of this country. While one usually would be joyous for few receive such a position it was honestly the last thing she wanted to hear though. After all her brother like her father before him had apparently fallen in the war efforts. While no body was recovered she didn't highly doubted one ever would, after all any citadel that fell to the Demonic hordes were rarely recovered. Even if they took back the lands there was never any trace of the people that had been there. Usually all that was left were whores and other unwanted things the demons were to lazy to bother taking with them.
    The situation was dire enough that even the prime minster had finally agree to proceed with the legendary hero ceremony, though that was more cause he was a dick and was like
:iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 6 9
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Sister Sins: Guard who cried Bimbo 07 :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 295 12

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79 deviations
Dungeons and Pussies P3
Art by :iconskello-on-sale:

A teaser comic to lead into this years contest theme.

Posting this slowly on DA, if you want to read most of it then check the blog.
Hmm pondered it for a bit but eventually decided on the topic for the 2018 contest


The land where adventurers rise and fall.

Your job if you choose to accept it is to create a Dungeon or something related to a Dungeon.

Be it the designing a special dungeon, the POV of the boss/owner of a dungeon, an adventurers quest inside a dungeon, the merchant seller of the boobie traps for dungeon or countless others possibilities.

So surprise me with your silly, vain, slime filled Dungeon's.

Do note that it does not have to be set in the Overlord bob universe.
Fanfic's of other series/universes and original concepts are allowed.

Entries can be art or written stories/designs.
(if it's some other format ask me first but generally it'll be fine)

Here's a silly comic 
Dungeons and Pussies P1 by ZeroForever

1st - 200
2nd - 100
3rd/4th -50

Payout via Paypal or Venmo, if you have a issues with this you can bring it up to me beforehand as I will accept other methods but some verification will be required.

Multiple Entries are allowed per user, but max one prize per a person.

Judging will be done by ME.

Standard no copying/plagiarizing/other copyright issues.

Contest end date is 9/1/2018.
(some flexibility is afforded but generally earlier is better then later)


Dungeons & Barbies the web comic is ongoing the DA posts will be 2 weeks behind the website releases.

Web Comic - Dungeons and Barbies.

Dungeons and Barbies Banner

Website -
DA -…
Posts on DA will be on a week or 2 delay after the website post.

Blog -

Overlord Bob Banner

or if you rather type it
Empress Tammy related blog has the adult material which i will not link here due to DA rules.


Other projects.

Realms of Rebirth - RPGmaker VX Ace game. (being changed to RPGmaker MV game)
Beta of one of the Games is on the Adult Blog and on TF/TG game forums atm.
It is XXX so I won't post it here.
(as a direct link is not allowed by the EULA of DA to adult sites is also not allow I will not post that here either, but you can find both via separate links in the main blog)
Custom art and such to make it a actual indie game has started.
You can occasionally find character sketches and such on the normal blog.
(honestly very lazy about this one as it's very time consuming to work on, like i have hundreds of hours plugged into it already and I've barely scratched what I want to do.)

Finish the Card and/or Board Game - Re-balancing.
Did some testing and playing of other card games (mainly MTG again), simple result was that it was to many numbers to manage essentially. Not completely redoing it but simplifying the specs as it got way to cumbersome to keep track of what curses/status effect/gear/classes + hp/sp/mp after like 2 rounds.
I'm always looking for more ideas/images so if you have a trap/curse/spell/event/monster card idea let me know (note/message) or just submit it to the group.…

Website updates, really should spend a few weeks revamping everything, reward vs effort aspect though as no one really complains about the generic design though it bugs me.


Donations Projects are always ongoing

Some of the pages are adult and are only posted on the sister site.
Art by Lemonfont
who doesn't have a DA and his website is adult so... yeah can't link it.
google him if your interested or just find the link on my website.
ex -

Mature Content

Sister Sins: Guard who cried Bimbo 06 by ZeroForever

It totals 16 pages.

Other stuff

The Disgaea dojin part 1 has been released it is XXX and at DLsite. (not to be linked due to DA rules.)
So buy a copy if you like my humor/porn and skellos art.

Mature Content

Comic commission: Zeroforever by OverlordJC

Mature Content

Sexy Pram!!! by Skello-on-sale
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NinjaKirby10 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018
Thank you for the llama, whatever it was for. I can't wait for more of the OB webcomic. I read it all in one sitting XD I'm such a binger.
ZeroForever Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018
np glad your enjoying it =)
Midnight-Tea Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been meaning to say this for a while, but I have earnest admiration for how you run your own little corner of DA.  Even though I struggle to follow what's going on in most of your "clockwork" stories they really fascinate me and I love how you and Ibenz have such a healthy creative relationship. It's something I can point to as well, for why people aren't justified in unethically using art without permission. Mutualism over parasitism.
ZeroForever Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017
thanks, always glad to see commentary.

Curious what do you think is hard to follow?
I guess it's not the most straight forward with all the alterations and mental/temporal stuff, but I didn't think it was to obtuse.
Midnight-Tea Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess I just don't understand why a lot of events happen as they do? Or why certain individuals are selected for immortality. It seemed almost arbitrary with the New Years ones. The stories mostly feel like they exist primarily to get the non-descript individuals in place for the change to happen. We know so little about what their lives are like before or afterwards that it's hard to say for sure how much gravitas the change even has. I'm even left a little bit confused as to whether I, as the reader/viewer, should be feeling envy or horror for what happens to them. What's it even like being a time goddess? Is it inhuman or wonderful? Is it even possible to describe? What kind of life are they losing and what kind of life do they have to look forward to? And again, why any specific individual and not any other? Clearly not everyone who comes in contact with these forces are made into a goddess, so I assume there's an underlying logic.

I'm also curious why males seem to very frequently be a target of whatever the system is.

The mental transformations also do kind feel... binary, I guess. Like a switch is thrown and suddenly they're someone else entirely. I suppose that's meant to be a horrifying thing? That does make it a little hard to follow if you're reading really fast because if you go too fast, you'll suddenly be reading about a totally unrelated character who resulted of the transformation. Or a cameo made by a different a time goddess whose name/story you actually have to look up because she's never been characterized very deeply beyond the transformation sequence that originally made her. ^^;

I hope none of this criticism came off as harsh, at all. You have an incredibly vivid setting and character design concepts, brought to life by Ibenz's art, I just am struggling to find my personal "in" to it.
ZeroForever Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017
it's the bob universe (check my group) it's established there's like a 60+% chance of getting transformed over the span of ones lifetime, with something like a 8.5 to 1.5 ratio of male to female births (it's discussed in one of the side comics) thus most tf's victims are males as there are 4x more natural males.

As these are just a series of short tf stories I'm generally trying not to over elaborate, so lots of the additional details are intentionally left out as it's not really the focus are they are shorts and usually pov of the transformee who won't know everything.

There is a greater arc which ties into the web comic for Alivanous (one of the 3 time gods) but that's still in the early stages of that arc.

not to say everything is planned, some like the maid story were just inspiration (i thought it up in bed and got up and wrote it out in one sitting).
EerieMancubus Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
ZeroForever Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
EerieMancubus Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
How you doing?
ZeroForever Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
not bad, little busy at times.
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