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    As she stared out upon there fair city Princess Bernadine de Besuno or as most called her Princess Bebe grimaced. After all who wouldn't when the news she had received had crowned her the next ruler of this country. While one usually would be joyous for few receive such a position it was honestly the last thing she wanted to hear though. After all her brother like her father before him had apparently fallen in the war efforts. While no body was recovered she didn't highly doubted one ever would, after all any citadel that fell to the Demonic hordes were rarely recovered. Even if they took back the lands there was never any trace of the people that had been there. Usually all that was left were whores and other unwanted things the demons were to lazy to bother taking with them.
    The situation was dire enough that even the prime minster had finally agree to proceed with the legendary hero ceremony, though that was more cause he was a dick and was like
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Like Clockwork Part 4 - New You Revolutions

“Remind me again why we’re here?” a young, brown-haired man asked his friend. They were out in the cold on a blustery night and they were getting forcibly mushed against the rest of the crowd once again.

    “Zach, dude, you saw the ad. I mean, why wouldn’t we be here? They’re giving out free, high end DLC’s for the first hundred people to enter the temple and pray their New Year's resolutions here. FREEEE DLC’S!!!” Joshua responded with his usual extrovert flair. The rest of the crowd seemingly agreed judging by the loud shouts and hollers erupting around them. Zach’s friend wore a rather festive bulky red armor. While it wasn’t the most outlandish thing around, it definitely still made him stand out. It sure did compared to Zach’s own more casual and generic appearance consisting of brown leathers on cloth. They had indeed been standing here for DLC’s, or Divine Level Creations, but was this really worth it? Getting favours from the gods won’t help much if you’re frozen or something...

    “Also, this is, like, one of the most exciting places in the city. It is the first time in over a thousand years that the Centennial Clock will gong for the new years countdown!” Joshua shouted, raising his voice over the increasingly loud chatter of the other people around.

    “Yes but we’ve been here since yesterday and it’s freaking cold!” Zach shouted back. His gut rumbled once again in horrible pain. After all, holding it in after 10 plus hours tends to hurt.

    “Seriously, if my bladder explodes I’m blaming you!” Joshua’s other friend Alex said. The chill in his tone was audible and Zach could only agree with him. Zach had only met this guy once before and his appearance really hadn’t changed much from last time. He still had his messy, mopey brown hair, semi-unshaven stubble and brown, cloaked leather outfit. Almost everything about this guy screamed lazy. Even so, him and Zach got along pretty well. After all, they were both introverts, dragged out by their extroverted friend.

    “Oh, stop being such downers. Both of you. It’s almost time so just pee inside! Anyways, last minute!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Joshua shouted, bopping the two in the head as the roar of the crowds only god louder and louder. The sheer volume and energy of this crescendo made Zach feel like his body was vibrating. Magical confetti started filling the night sky as he watched the massive, building sized clock count down. At the final ten seconds, the people all started shouting in unison.











The teeming masses in the streets roared chaotically yet harmoniously as the massive Centennial Clock started gonging twelve times. All around them, fireworks were being lit up and magic was being tossed around freely to celebrate this moment. The streets of New Stepolis filled up with excited party-goers. It wasn’t long before the doors and gates of various institutions opened up, each for their own festivities. None of them mattered as much as the one that they had been waiting for though, which didn’t open until the clock had finished its gongs.

    “Let's GOGOGO,” Joshua yelled and he grabbed the arms of his two friends with his iron grip. It was the only thing keeping Zach and Alex along as their friend pushed and shoveled their way into the Clockwork Church.

    “I’m never letting you convince me to do this again,” Zach whined as his body felt like a rag doll being dragged along like this. He was sure he’d be crushed between the other adventurers forcing their way in. He had to brace himself and clench his bowels as his body protested to these motions firmly. Finally, within moments of the gates opening, a barrier erected behind the three men, cutting off the line.

    “Congratulations! You are the first 100 people to be visiting the church in this new year!” came a metallic, feminine voice over the crowd. It was being amplified somehow but they weren’t quite sure how. Looking over, Zach could see the source of this voice; the well-known priestess, dancer and keeper of time, lady Bridget. There was some kind of device hanging in front of her mouth which must be what amplified her voice. It looked like something lady Akita, one of the other keepers, would use. Bridget was a clockwork woman and always wore a ballerina outfit. Zach sometimes wondered if this outfit was a bit too skimpy… not that he was complaining or anything. The priestess herself didn’t seem to mind it either. Still, even though he was in, the brown-haired young man had to fight to catch his breath as his bladder and bowels rumbled. Meanwhile, shouts of anger and annoyance erupted behind them.

    “AWWW!!” “GOD DAMN IT!!!“!#%&$%” and various other curse words were shouted to display their dismay. Looking back, the three friends could see the same disgruntled look most adventurers had on their faces when missing out on limited edition stuff.

    “Everyone else, please use the other gate for the general festivities!” Bridget waved to the crowd as one of the nuns closed the gate behind them and began to redirect the mob of people, using force occasionally.

    “WOOT! See, the wait was worth it! I knew we could get in!” Joshua said and he looked around at the other people that made it in. “Can’t say I’m surprised but still, all guys… what a bummer.”

    “Eh… Why would it be any different than normal? All the women get invited to private parties and events. Why would any of them bother with lines, even for an expensive DLC?” Zach said, glancing around himself. Judging by their grumbles, it seemed that the other adventurers were slightly miffed about the same thing as well.

    “Besides, Bridget is much hotter than any of them,” Alex stated with his semi-fanboy enthusiasm.

    “Really? I lean more towards that newer one. Lady Lavini was it? Her outfit is straight up smoking,” Joshua stated frankly.

    “I’ll have you know- oh wait quiet down. She’s going to speak again,” Alex interrupted himself, paying rapt attention to Bridgets face… or maybe just her boobs. Who could really tell?

    “Attention everyone. I know you’re excited for the festivities as much as everyone else so step on up and grab your resolution tickets. When you're ready, walk up to the Altar of Time, the big clock in the middle of the chamber, make your resolution prayer and insert the ticket into the altar. You’ll be granted your DLC after that. Once done, feel free to join the rest of the public for the general festivities,” Bridget explained. She eyed the group as she pulled out a stack of tickets. As she started handing them out, Zach had something else on his mind which he deemed far more important right at that moment.

    “Uhm, where’s the bathroom?” he asked. The other men present laughed at that and even the clockwork priestess couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “Down on your left,” she said with a smirk on her face.

    “Thank you,” Zach said. Alex then gave him a nod of agreement and the two took off running as soon as possible.

    “I’ll be outside so don’t take too long!” they heard Joshua shout in jest. Glancing back, both men could see that he had no intention of waiting as he was already lining up for the altar. Zach kinda wanted to shout something but his bowels’ needs were too great. The two friends rushed their way to the restroom. When they reached it, they slammed the door behind them and stayed inside for at least 10 minutes.

When they were finally done, Zach took the opportunity to look around himself. The bathroom was actually much fancier and cleaner than the average ones. The polished gears and what was likely a purification spell gave it all a very shiny appearance. That spell was a good thing too, considering what he had just left behind. Opening the door to the stall he saw Alex still there, drying his hands at the wind arcana. At least HE had waited for him.

    “Jeez, and here I thought just holding in a piss was bad. That sounded like you blew something up!” Alex jested.

    “Oh yeah,” Zach said, nodding in embarrassment before moving over to the water fountain. The cascading water started to pleasantly cleanse his hands. “Thanks for waiting on me though. Seriously, not sure what everyone else's bladders are made of. They’ve been waiting just as long, if not longer.” When he was done, he went over to the wind arcana himself to dry up again.

    “Yeah, I think it might be a class thing,” Alex responded off handedly. “Warriors tend to be pretty good on weird stuff like that. You know, to deal with adrenaline rushes and all that. I swear my Josh has a steel bladder skill or something. Didn’t he start camping outside of the temple like 3 days ago?”

    “Never really thought about it but considering how much he usually drinks, it does makes sense.” Zach nodded as they started walking back down the hallway. “Maybe they teach it to warriors as a passive skill or something.”

    “That would explain why most dwarfs are warriors,” Alex responded and causing both men to chuckle. “Anyway, I didn’t get to ask before. What’s your resolution, Zach?”

    “Honestly... not really sure,” Zach said. Though he had been dragged along for this, he hadn’t really thought too hard about his resolution in all that time. “Josh undoubtedly went for something like ‘get girlfriend’ or ‘get rich’ like most other guys, I’m guessing. To me though… that seems so vapid. ” Doubt crept into his mind. What was it that he wanted for himself? Sure, the usual resolutions came to mind. ‘Get girlfriend’, ‘get rich’ and ‘exercise more’ had all crossed his mind but did he really wanna go for any of those? Alex laughed.

    “Hah, yeah he’s almost definitely going for the waifu DLC but he does sometimes surprise people with something else,” he said. “Personally, I think I’m going with something a bit different. I want to become more worldly this year. Girlfriends are nice and all that but learning is something you can do and control while the latter is usually just hoping destiny is being nice.” The serious tone in his voice surprised Zach. He didn’t really expect this one coming from Alex. Zach didn’t really know how to respond to that one and all he really said was a contemplative ‘hmmm’. Alex’s resolution was vague and simple yet powerful and effective when conveying what one could achieve.

The walk back was longer than either of them remembered. Possibly because they had been in such a rush earlier. Still, their banter kept Zach’s mind busy as they finally returned to the main chamber. It had mostly been emptied out by this point with only the priestess Bridget still being present there. The small machine in front of her mouth was gone now. She was reading a device of sorts while standing next to the Altar of Time. It also seemed like she was a little bit bored. It made the two men feel bad about leaving her waiting for so long. When she spotted them, she smiled again.

    “Ah, there you two are. You are the last ones but don’t worry. Now, there’s no rush so please take your time. Think hard about it and make a good resolution,” she said reassuringly while handing them their tickets before returning to her reading. Looking at the ticket, Zach paused. He walked up to the altar. It was a large, golden clock but it strangely did not tell the current time, rather it was stuck at 2:50. It had a small slot for his ticket and a compartment at the bottom where the DLC would probably appear. He nodded as he was certain about it now. There was no point in stalling.

    “My resolution is… to become more worldly,” he said, more to himself than to the altar as he inserted the ticket into the giant clockwork mechanism. He was copying Alex now but he had to say, it was honestly a pretty good one. It was something he could strive for as well himself. The clock’s frame shook as it came to life. The hands started spinning rapidly until both hands landed on 12. It dawned on Zach then that this was more like some kind of slot machine. Sure enough, his DLC appeared in the compartment below. He grabbed the trinket and its name flashed into his eyes. ‘Sol dial’, he read. Bridget, it seems, looked quite a bit more interested now as well. She grabbed Zach’s wrist and gently escorted him to the side as Alex got ready for his own resolution. Looking down at the DLC in greater detail, he had to admit it seemed rather plain. It had a golden triangle connected to half a circular gear-like base. On it was a golden sun on a silver plate of sorts. Zach couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed. After all of that waiting and holding it in, this was his reward? He wasn’t even sure what to do with it. As he pondered over it, Bridget led Alex over.

    “Hey, yours looks the same as mine. Did you copy my resolution?” he asked. Sure enough, he was holding the same trinket in his hands. The only difference Zach could see at first glance was the fact that its triangle was made of silver instead of gold.

    “Heh, yeah I went for something similar. Sorry,” he said. “Still. Surprised it gave us both the same thing. You think it’s a mass produced DLC? That we all got these?” He didn’t really bother hiding the disappointment from his voice, even though the generous priestess of Time was standing right next to them.

    “Might be but I doubt it,” Alex said in much the same fashion. “I guess we can check it with the others outside but there are some obvious differences between these two. The runes on them are different. Mine says ‘Luna dial’ and yours says something else. Also, well, the color.” He held his next to Zach’s, comparing the two. It seems that his DLC showed a silver crescent moon on a golden plate.

    “Any idea how we’re supposed to use them?” Zach asked. He flipped his to check for any other details. That is when he could feel a sudden sharp tug on his device as it slammed into the DLC that Alex was holding.

    “What the f-?” Alex asked, surprised as well. Both men could only watch as tiny gears within the circular bases began to make clicking and ticking noises. The halves snapped into place and together they formed one large circular base.

    “Uhm, Priestess Bridget? A little help, please? Our DLC’s kind of merged together or something.” Zach asked in confusion. She was the one to hand out these things so she must know how to solve this little problem, he figured.

    “Hmm, I was wondering why it split into two,” Bridget said more to herself than to the two men. She gave the two a teasing smirk then as she was apparently gleeful about something she wasn’t telling. “Don’t worry. You two actually got the best DLC’s of the bunch. Just wait and you’ll see.” The device began to hum with energy as the circular base rapidly expanded. Gears rippled outwards like a spiral as it started hovering up into the air above them. The golden and silver triangles that had been sticking out of the base began to glow with an ethereal light. The points on their far sides expanded causing jagged shadows to spread out below on both sides. The two men were quite amazed by it all.

    “Honestly, this is one of the cooler DLC’s I’ve seen if nothing else,” Alex said with inquisitive glee in his voice.

    “Definitely!” Zach said in agreement. Maybe lady Bridget was right after all since it looked like a legendary DLC judging by all of the glowing runes. When the DLC stopped expanding, the two triangles separated from the base and floated down to Zach and Alex. Their sharp tips were pointing directly their way.

    “Uh.. now wha-” Zach started to ask but before he could react, the golden triangle shot forwards and penetrated his forehead. It hit him like a freight train and everything turned into a blurry darkness. His eyes lit up as his new horn buried itself directly into his mind. He wanted to shout but he found that he could make no noise. He couldn’t control his body at all as he slumped down back to back with Alex. All of the excitement he had felt earlier now turned into fear about what was going on.

    ‘OWWWW,’ he thought… or heard? The words seemingly echoed back at him with a familiar voice. Was that Alex?

    ‘What was that?’ Zach thought as that same voice talked with its own words back to him

    ‘Who’s there!?’ they asked with panic in his voice.

    ‘Zach?’ ‘Alex?’ They both shouted, their voices overlapping. What was going on?

    ‘We are mentally...’ Zach thought.

    ‘... Connected…?,’ Alex finished. The two men were equally confused. Alex had just finished Zach’s sentence. That’s when Zach found that he could see again. His brown eyes had turned golden, much like his new golden horn. No… his eyes had turned silver much like the silver horn sticking out of his head, right? The base of the DLC above them glowed, basking him in its warmth. The intensity of the glow increased so much until the central gear actually started melting. It reformed itself into an orb until finally, it had become a miniature sun, right there in front of his face… or was it behind him? He tried to move. To shield himself from its bright light. To seek cover from its heat. Yet his body would not listen whatsoever. It was like he was trapped. Imprisoned in a cage made to fit every fiber of his body. The sun cast its warm rays over Zach, heating him up. As it did, it felt strangely familiar. This wasn’t just the warmth of a sunny day. This was a warmth that he’d feel every single day from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This wasn’t just the sun everyone could bask in. This was his own sun. This was Sol. Memories of Sol resurfaced then. Hidden memories that only now came back. Just then he could feel the clothes he was wearing burn away while his skin melted from the heat. He was being released from his prison. Flesh made way for silken smooth gold. His scrawny male body made way for an elegant female one. A pair of breasts rested on his chest. His arms and legs were very slender and he had an hourglass figure most women would be jealous of. Any except for his elder sister Lavini of course. No, wait, elder sister? Zach was an only child. Why would he think he had a sister? Looking down, he could see Sol being reflected in the polished gold.

    ‘It’s so…’ he could hear Alex think and Zach knew how to finish that sentence.

    ‘... amazing’ he found himself thinking. The heat had felt like pain at first but now it was just pure pleasure. He found that he could finally move his body again, released from its fleshy prison. It was true, this truly was amazing. It felt… right. This was his… no… her normal body, right? Something was definitely still amiss though as a black star appeared, clipped into her long, straight, golden hair. Something was there that wasn’t supposed to be there.

    ‘Zach?,’ came a male voice in her mind. That wasn’t right, was it? No, that’s not her name.

    ‘I am Zexa,’ she answered in her feminine soprano voice. Who was this man in her mind? He wasn’t supposed to be there, was he?

    ‘Zexa…’ they repeated. The golden woman could then see, hear and feel their mind racing for answers, as did her own. Memories flashed through our minds as Sol touched Zexa’s horn. Its heat was intense as it cascaded down her body. It washed, it burned, it bathed, it soothed, it loved. Finally, it solidified itself into a pure white dress with silver seams. It caressed her body perfectly as the hours of the clock appeared on its hem. After all, these were her normal clothes.

    ‘Xeza,’ suddenly came a voice that sounded exactly like her own. ‘I am Xeza.’ Xeza… yes, that sounded right. Xeza was her sister. Her twin. Her eternal partner. They were never alone. They were always together. They were always two. They were always one. Silly memories of fighting and traveling dungeons simply washed away as their correct memories filled their minds instead. They learned about the teachings of Alinavious from Bridget, together. They traveled with Lavini to the far reaches of the lands, together. They studied the flow of time with Akita, together. It was always they, ever since they were born. They were never alone. They were Zexa Xeza during the day. They were Xeza Zexa during the night. Their minds chanted together.




Finally, between her legs, Zexa could feel another change happening. There seemed to be a strange body-part there that shouldn’t be there but it was being rectified now. It shrank back into her body, being replaced by a shimmering, soft vagina. Just what it’s supposed to be. She couldn’t help but howl out in pleasure from the sensations that she was feeling from the changes.

    “Aaaahhhhhh,” she howled out.

    “Hhhmmmmmm,”  Xeza chanted along behind her. She was feeling what her twin was feeling after all. All this time, Zexa’s horn had been casting a shadow in Sol’s light. It formed a straight line down to a point of time on her dress. They were a sundial after all. The shadow had been moving quite fast but now, it had arrived at the end of its orbit. It was time for it to change. The bright sun melted down again and changed instead into the silvery moon called Luna while Zexa’s horn shrank back down into her body. She did not need it during the night after all. Sighing, she reached behind herself with her left hand for her sister’s right hand. Her digits intertwined with Xeza’s as if they were molded together. It felt right, It was something they always did. It was something they always do. Xeza was still imprisoned in this strange fleshy prison though. She looked down and Zexa could see it. That was soon to change though as Luna affected her. Unlike Sol, Luna was cool. Luna was cold. Xeza’s hand tensed up as she could feel cracks forming on this fleshy body like shattering ice. It wasn’t long before it started falling away, showing her true, silver skin. Her true, silver body came out. She was of course an exact copy of her twin sister Zexa. She could feel movement return to her once more as her confines shattered away. A slender feminine figure, long straight hair, a lovely pair of breasts and soft, inviting pussy lips. She held Zexa’s hand tightly as the black star in her sister’s hair became silver too. In her own hair appeared a golden moon. They were each-other’s colours of course. One of many symbols of their connection. She too got dressed in the same, white, satin dress, but with golden seams instead.

    “So Nice,” Zexa whispered in their sultry soprano voice.

    “So Perfect,” Xeza whispered in their sexy soprano voice. Finally they were free once more. They were one. They turned to face each other, to hold each other. Their hands clasped together tightly. In between them they grasped the dial’s light handle which had appeared below Luna’s base. Xeza tilted its shaft between them at a angle. The light that Luna was casting down pointed somewhere between the ‘XII’ and the ‘I’ on her dress. It was the current time, after all. It was only right. Time flowed through them, as it does for their elder sisters.

    “Xeza Zexa, could you help with the rest of the festivities?”  Bridget asked, smiling happily. Of course, she had been there too. It was still the night of new year’s eve and they had organised a party.

    “Of course, my,” Xeza said, “friend is waiting,” Zexa continued, “for me, so,” Xeza smiled, “after you,” Zexa finished, a smirk on her face. They liked talking about themselves one person just to mess with people, even though they were technically still two.

    “Oh, no worries about that. Lavini and Akita are checking on that already. His name was Joshua, right?” Bridget smirked in a teasing manner while speeding towards the great hall in her ballerina’s outfit.

    “Hey wait!” Zexa yelled, startled “That’s not fair!” Xeza whined “He's mine!” Zexa shouted. “Lay off him!” they both yelled at their sister while hurrying after her. After all, the only one they’d share him with was with each other.

Like Clockwork Part 4 - New You Revolutions
Revised/editing/clean up by :iconroxanne13579:

Comic by :iconibenz009:

Just in time for the new year.

Commission art for it is under works but no time frame yet.

There will be a poll going up for the other/extra character on the blog sooner or later.

Anyways happy new year folks.

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"Impressive," an old reporter said as he entered the newly opened Cathedral, mingled in with his fellow reporters as well as all of the tourists. This temple had been in ruins for years until two young women recently kickstarted its renovation. As the group openly marveled at the interior of the church, the old reporter scanned the area for guards or wards. The grand hallway that they had entered honestly looked more like something you would find in an arcanist’s lab. The walls, the doorway, the windows and even the chairs were made up of cogs, gears and other clockwork machinations. The ticks of the gears, the intricate details and the various grand designs were no doubt the work of master craftsmen. Everybody’s ears were filled with the ticks of the clocks, all ticking at the exact same time. The reporter figured that they must have been tuned to accurately depict time. It’s to be expected from this temple of course, but it was still a marvel to see. Suddenly, the excited voices all throughout the hallway died down as someone clad in blue rose up on a stage. She looked rather out of place in this mechanical clockwork world.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen,” she spoke, her voice digitally amplified as if by magic. “Thank you for joining us today for the grand reopening of the great Alinavious Temple. My name is Akita, High Priestess of Time, and I will be your guide today." She gave a courteous bow to the hordes of people gathered. Her bodysuit left very little to the imagination and every reporter around flashed their magitographer, wanting to catch her every pose in as many pictures as possible. Akita wasn’t just clad in blue, she WAS blue. Her body hummed with energy and in various places around her body were digital indications of time. The helmet she wore had a visor that covered her eyes while two black clocks were attached to its sides. It was pretty clear to the public that she was, in fact, a time elemental. No-one had ever really seen one of these until recently. The old reporter guessed that this must have been one of the two young women that rebuilt the temple.

    “Before we begin, I’d like to thank you all for coming in such great numbers,” the priestess continued. “We have been working hard in preparation for this day to show you all not just our great temple, but also to introduce you all to the wonder that is time.” After each of her sentences, she halted in order to let the gathered people cheer and applaud. Akita also seemed to attract a lot of stares, mainly from the men, but she didn’t seem too distracted by any of that. It seemed that she must have been rather experienced with this sort of thing.

    "Now, let us begin,” she said, pointing at her helmet in order to remove the visor, revealing a set of glowing bluish eyes. “Behind me, you'll find the newly renovated Shrine of Percent Marvels." Sure enough, there was an area that rose up even higher than the stage that she standing on with a grandfather clock standing in the middle. At first, people didn’t really know what to make of it until Akita snapped her fingers. It seemed that this activated some kind of mechanism as seemingly on its own, it started upgrading itself. Hundreds of small cogs descended from the ceiling and approached the clock, which started removing some of its own parts, only for it to be replaced with the new cogs. Each new gear clicked into place until finally, the apparatus had fully upgraded to be a massive clock, completely made out of cogs that all turned at the same rate. Even its hands were made up of the small gears.

    "Ohhh," the old reporter said, mainly to join in with the rest of the people around him. They all looked on in awe at the marvel that happened in front of them. Tons of magitography flashes went off from the reporters again, the old man joining in again so as not to rouse any suspicion.

    “Now, if you’d please follow me,” priestess Akita spoke up again when the amount of flashes subsided, her digitally toned soprano voice echoing throughout the church. “Next up in our tour, we’ll be heading into the chapel where we’ll begin the main program.” As she guided the group elsewhere, the elderly reporter walked at a sluggish rate, mirroring his appearance and allowing the rest of the crowds to overtake him. He made sure that the priestess’ attention shifted towards escorting the front mob before sneaking into a corner. The shadows created in the crevices of the hallway created an excellent cover and allowed his stealth skills to take effect. The world seemingly dimmed around him as if by fog. There he waited until he was certain that he was completely alone, continuously creating darkness around himself. Even to the most observant people, the shade that indicated his presence would be impossible to differentiate from the normal shadows anywhere except for the most illuminated areas. Now that he was alone, the disguise that he had been using was no longer needed. He straightened up and dispelled the old reporter facade to reveal his true identity. He was Nipul Sea, master thief extraordinaire. Other than an eye mask, he smugly felt no need to hide his self-proclaimed beautifully sculpted face. He then performed a flash equipment exchange which instantly caused a tuxedo and a top hat to appear on his body, which was his usual outfit. Normally, he liked showing off the change but today called for silence and swiftness. Thus, he began his stealth routine through the outer wards of the Cathedral. Though he was a thief, today he had a different kind of target: Edwin Thamos. A well-known wealthy arcanist, Edwin had been one of the driving forces behind the reconstruction of the temple after he came into contact with Akita and the other woman. Nipul had received an anonymous tip just last week that he was supposed to be here today. His sources told of the incredible riches he possessed which intrigued the thief to go and check it out, but Edwin was nowhere to be seen among the general crowds. Nipul just figured that he must have arrived earlier through a private entrance, giving his age as well as his role in the project.

    The thief scouted the venue for traces of his target. He planned on abducting the man and plunge himself into his riches. Welling mana through his frame, he cast 'Aspect of the Wolf', a tracking skill. Its effects caused him to feel as if his nose had elongated into a hypersensitive muzzle. He used his new heightened sense of smell and whiffed the area. He recoiled as even here, far away from the group, he could smell that some of the crowds had not bathed that morning. It took him a few minutes of filtering out the unwanted scents when he finally picked up on what he was looking for. From a door off to the side of the hallway came the unique cigar smell of Le Puon, an import from Pronce. The master thief had of course done his research as he was not one for sloppy jobs so he knew that to be Edwin’s favourite.

    The trail led Nipul towards a locked side door that had been trapped and warded. Obviously they wanted no unauthorised people anywhere near here. A minor inconvenience but nothing his skills couldn’t deal, his faithful lockpick being his authorisation pass. After this door though, the trail seemed to lead into the stone floor. Since he didn’t wanna bother looking for any kind of secret hatch, he used a simple blinking skill that let him phase through that particular issue. Below, he now found himself at the top of a path that spiraled downwards and leading to long hallway. At the end seemed to be a large, illuminated, underground chamber. He could hear voices coming from there so he had to be silent and stealthy. When he reached the entrance, he looked around. The center of this chamber held a large hourglass like shrine and the path led around it. Below at the center stood two figures. A man and a woman. The man was none other than Edwin but the woman was a bit harder to distinguish. She seemed to be completely clad in pink and wore a tutu. Stealth was of the essence now so he silently crept inside and hid in the shadows with great care, making sure not to make any noise or casting any unwanted shadows.

    "Is it ready yet!?" Edwin shouted in his usual demanding tone. Now that Nipul had gotten closer, he could get a better look at the woman he was talking to. She was a clockwork girl of sorts. The light around the room reflected against her smooth metal skin as the gears of her tutu spun around mechanically. The way she moved spoke of her inner clockwork workings. The thief realised that this must be High Priestess Bridget of Time if his sources were correct. She and Akita were the ones to have kickstarted this project.

    "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Sir?” Bridget asked concerned. “As you saw just now, the process isn’t failsafe. You could end up a baby just like your butler."

    "Of course I'm sure!” Edwin shouted, “A few years off shouldn’t be a huge deal and if you overshoot, just do that aging process like you are doing for Peter." The thief finally realized what type of deal this was. This must have been the main reason for Edwin’s willingness to fund the reconstruction of the temple of Alinavious. Magic of any sort that gave people back their youth was a pretty big deal. Not that it was uncommon or anything but most if not all youthening had some kind of unwanted, usually mental side effects. The gods were very frugal about handing out Divine Level Creations, or DLC’s that effectively gives someone immortality without any restraints. Not even to the richest of their followers, though seeing the two time elementals, Nipul wondered if their devotion to the goddess may have paid off on that regard. Time never dies after all.

    "Very well,” the clockwork priestess said, “you may use the DLC." She then went on to stick her arm right into the giant hourglass. The glass rippled as if it was water and the sand that had been trickling down inside vanished in a flash. When the light faded, it appeared that she was now holding a tiny, simple hourglass in the palm of her metal hand which she presented to the old man.

    "Finally," Edwin said, smiled with glee and grabbed a hold of it. He flipped it without even a second thought, activating its effects. The sands inside now trickled into the other half of the little trinket, setting off the youthening process. Nipul kept on watching to see what unfolds as the sand inside appeared to be swirling around him now as well. The grains seemed to be seeping right into his skin.

    “Hah! It's working!” Edwin shouted with glee. The thief had crept close enough now to be able to see the wrinkles across the old man’s forehead smooth out. He stood up a little straighter as his spine straightened out again while his muscles and a gut long gone returned to him, almost ripping through his colbert. His old bald head started growing a full set of black wavy hair again. Even Nipul was impressed to see it all happening. Most wealthy people liked to sit on their money all day so barely anyone looked so in shape, even when young. The thief went through his options then. Now that Edwin had gotten so much younger, abducting him would be a lot more challenging. Nothing he couldn’t handle of course.

    “Much Better,” Edwin said and he stood in front of the large hourglass in order to admire himself in its reflection. He smirked and turned around a few times to see his every side. smirking as he admired himself in it's sheen like reflection. All this time, Bridget simply stood there. She wasn’t cheering like Edwin was.

    “It doesn't seem to be over,” was all that she said, shaking her head and closing her eyes.

    "What?” Edwin tilted his head at the clockwork doll but when he looked down, he could see that Bridget was right. “No! Damn it! You’d better have that re-aging process ready!” His body started shrinking as he entered his puberty again in reverse. His clothing started slipping off, no longer fitting his continuously smaller flame. When he looked no more than 10, his pants had fallen off and he looked like a kid that wore his father’s clothes for fun.

    “Make it stop! Make it stop!” He shouted in panic though it sounded more like a whining kid that gets forced to eat the vegetables he didn’t wanna eat. He soon found it hard to speak as he kept getting younger and younger until finally, he was nothing more than a baby, crying in his bundle of old clothes. Nipul had to bite his lip lest he burst out in laughter. An incredible amount of money, now owned by an infant. Stealing all of Edwin’s possessions was now literally like taking candy from a baby.

    "WWWWAAHHH," the baby cried loudly. Bridget sighed, seeming quite disappointed rather than annoyed at the little siren that was going off on the ground in front of her.

    "I must say, I didn't expect this many failures while searching for the one destined for this DLC,” she said, seemingly to Edwin, though he was far too young now to have any idea what she was talking about. The priestess then picked up the hourglass that Edwin had dropped, apparently still intact. She then turned around.

    “Cassiopeia?” she said.

    "Yes mistress?" came a sudden voice, surprising Nipul. He hadn’t detected her presence yet but it seemed that there was a nun that had been waiting silently near the doorway. The nun had pure white skin and wore jewelry adorned with clocks all over her body. From bracelets to a necklace, she was obviously attuned to time almost as much as the two time elemental priestesses. Luckily for him though, it seemed that the nun hadn’t noticed him yet either.

    “Be a dear and deal with this one, please,” Bridget ordered her. “We still have other guests to entertain and it would be remiss of me to let darling Akita handle it all on her own.” She then placed the hourglass back into its gigantic version, causing the sands to reappear in their everlasting cascade downwards.

    “Of course milady,” the nun said, took a courteous bow and picked up the baby that was Edwin. Cradling him in her arms, the small baby instinctively reached for one of her breasts. Obviously he was hungry and wanted milk. She took Edwin with her out of the room through a door rather close to where the thief was hiding, with Bridget following her out. Nipul was taken aback by the speed at which she moved. For a clockwork doll, her movements were very swift and elegant. The two passed inches away from Nipul’s face but his incredible skill in stealth prevented them from seeing him. Edwin’s crying filled the room but as they walked through the hallway beyond the chamber, it slowly started dying down. The thief waited a few moments, his ears to the walls and floor to make sure they were gone and that no one else was approaching the chamber. He contemplated his next move. With Edwin a baby, his riches were for the taking. It was a shame that he didn’t get to abduct and extort money from him that way but this turn of events might just work in his favour. Right now though, his eye was on something else. The small hourglass, while dangerous, simply begged to be stolen by him. The thief couldn’t just leave an exotic DLC like that lying around now, could he? He came out of his hiding spot and approached the giant hourglass in order to examine it. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that it was an elaborate optical illusion, placed there as a ward to protect the small trinket inside. It took him a whole minute to break the enchantment, which was quite impressive he thought. The giant hourglass faded away, revealing the DLC inside that Edwin had used earlier sitting on a pedestal.

    Now that he stood next to it, he could admire the beauty of the small hourglass fully. The outer metal frames’ age was apparent but the glass itself was flawless. The sands inside trickled down from top to bottom, yet they never seemed to pile up nor did it ever seem like the top half emptied out. Handling this particular DLC was dangerous. He could hardly afford to let himself be turned into an infant while stealing it. Still, he was an experienced thief and has dealt with dangerous artifacts before. For these kinds of jobs, the Phantom Hands spell was perfect as it allowed the user to handle objects while never actually physically touching it. Thus, he summoned the ethereal glove-like hands, reached for the hourglass with one of them while the other reached into his pocket to grab his calling card. Of course, he wanted everyone to know who the culprit was when they discover their precious little DLC is gone. Next, he reached for a bag of sand that he always carried with him. It seemed to be quite fitting for the occasion too. His plan was to replace the hourglass with the bag of sand just in case there was a pressure trap below the trinket. Now, the next step demanded nothing but the utmost care. His gaze was fixed on the hourglass, concentrating on the task at hand. It was quite a marvel to look at. The flawlessly clean glass, the sands softly trickling down. The individual grains bustling against the edges of the glass like a tiny galaxy in the night’s sky as he felt himself drawn into a...


Pain surfaced as his actual right hand struck himself out of the trance he’d gotten himself into, taking his attention away from the glass.

    “That was close,” he whispered to himself. Mind tricks were nothing new in his business and he’d trained himself against this sort of thing. Still though, he had to be even more careful than he already was. One small mistake and he’d be a crying infant on the floor much like Edwin. Trying again, he averted his eyes from the sands inside this time, deciding to focus on the aged frame instead. The thief got himself ready for the switcheroo and counted to himself.




And just like that, he swiftly exchanged the hourglass with the bag of sand and his calling card. Looking around himself, no alarm seemed to go off. He smiled at another job well done when the hourglass in his hand started humming. Looking down, Nipul could see that the hourglass seemed to ignite with magic even in his spectral hands. With DLC's such as these, one must always check for runes and while most could be detected by sight, a lot of engravings could be invisible to the human eye. As was the case here. There was not one, not two, but hundreds of glyphs etched all over the metal frames on either sides, giving it its dull look.

    “Blast!” He cursed. The thief placed it back on its pedestal as soon as possible before darting towards the door. Passing through, he slammed the door shut, sounds be damned. The last he heard was the shattering of glass, presumably originating from the DLC itself. All he could do now was to run as fast as he could. The spiral staircase. He had to find the spiral staircase again. The thief sweated like a newbie, constantly swearing at his own amateur mistake. He still did not hear any kind of alarm which was disturbing to him. All he could hear were the faint cries from Edwin. He soon reached the door at the end of the hallway. Wasting no time, he yanked it open, expecting to find the stairs but what he saw turned over his stomach. There he was again in the hourglass chamber. The DLC lay shattered on the ground, its frame having spiralled apart. His eyes went wide when he saw this. He was in deep shit… He slammed the door closed again and ran back again. His footsteps echoed through the shiny metallic hallway. The faint sound of baby Edwin’s cries could be heard coming from every direction. When he reached the door, he opened it and raced through it, only to find himself in the hourglass chamber once again. He panted from all of the running.

    “Damn it all to hell!” Nipul shouted. He had heard of Space Time traps. They were legendary and insanely powerful spells cast only by the strongest of mages. It was seen as the ultimate punishment that a god could inflict. Looping the same minutes, days or even years endlessly, only stopping when either the punished redeemed themselves or when they’ve inevitably gone mad. Given what had transpired, the thief sighed. He figured that there was only one thing he could possibly do given the circumstances. Thus he approached the shattered remains of the hourglass that had littered the floor and got to work.

    Gathering the glass and sand took a while to say the least. If it wasn't for the speckless floor, finding all everything, even sparkling as it all was, would have taken forever. It still took the thief a considerable amount of time though. He had long lost track of the passing of time. It could have taken him hours, maybe even days before he had finally retrieved everything of the accursed DLC. He looked at the remains before looking up.

    “What do you want me to do?!” he yelled up at no-one in particular, the weariness apparent in his voice. “I'm not a smith! I can't fix this!” Getting desperate, he looked upon the pile of sand when suddenly it started shimmering as if it heard the thief’s plea. The sands rose up and pulsated before it started swirling around him like a twister. He could not utter any words of protest or fear as he tried to cover his mouth and nose lest he wouldn’t be able to breathe. Clearly, that wasn't enough though as the sands swirled around him faster and faster, closing in on him until finally, it washed over him like a tidal wave. Nipul closed his eyes as he could feel his clothes tear apart because of the harsh winds filled with coarse sand, though his skin remained strangely untouched by the violent whirls. It was as if someone was toying with him or something. Soon, nothing remained of his fancy clothes that he was so proud of, leaving him naked surrounded by sand. A warm feeling overcame him then, seemingly centered around his stomach. It actually felt quite pleasant, but the thief was sure that it could be nothing good. Suddenly, the whirlwind died down just as quickly as it had started, being replaced by the feeling of something impacting his stomach. Opening his eyes again, he could finally see what was going on. It seemed that the sand was filtering into his bellybutton. Or at least, where his bellybutton was supposed to be as it has now turned into a glass pinhole through which the sand was funneling inside. The skin around it was turning into glass well, revealing that inside, the sand has started swirling into an oddly familiar glass shape: An hourglass!

    Horror passed through his mind at that revelation. He was being turned into the hourglass that he had shattered, probably to replace the DLC. The glass soon wrapped around him, enabling Nipul to see through his stomach. It also seemed that his form slimmed down right around the center of the hourglass forming inside. From there, it simply expanded both up into his chest as well as down to his hips. The horror that he’d felt quickly vanished when the transformation of flesh to glass reached his crotch, causing waves of pleasure to course through his body. Unlike his waist, his hips expanded but of course, that was not biggest change. His dick started pulling inside. Deeper and deeper, simply vanishing into the glass that was his skin. Smooth lips parted in its stead when the pleasure became too much for the thief, causing him to lose consciousness.

    A young Nipul walked through an alley in the merchant’s quarter. The four year old boy was skinny, frail and rather dirty. Of course being a street rat, that was a given. His hands were fidgeting nervously with his torn up clothes as he walked up to a snooty merchant’s stand who was busy arguing with some noble. The thief remembered this theft well. After all, it was his first ever theft. He simply walked by and nonchalantly, swiped away a gem and he was about to walk off again. During his getaway though, he was caught by an old man. No, wait, that’s not right. He was caught by Lady Lavini, right? Even at the age of four years old, Nipul thought that she was a beautiful woman. Her glass body, the everlasting hourglass within her, her purple eyes.

    The thief coughed as he woke up again. Exhaling was a bit tough, feeling the bitter taste of sand in his mouth. Was he dreaming just now? At a time like this? Looking down at his body, he saw that that was not the case as his body was still slowly being converted into glass. His arms and legs had undergone the transition into glass now and they were starting to get covered by black latex. Unbeknownst to him, his irises had turned into purple swirls. All that remained now was the rest of his head that still looked like his old self. His form had slimmed down a lot, becoming a lot more feminine. When he sat up on the bed of sands around him, his glass behind covered in latex got tickled by the grains, sending pleasure into his body again. Before Nipul could even move, the sands moved in on him once again, entering him and filling up his chest this time. Two firm glass breasts started growing at the top of the hourglass inside his body. The transformation left his arms and legs covered completely now while his oh so sensitive breasts caused an incredible amount of pleasure to course through him again, much like the sands of time were doing. Just as his short black hair started growing and turning purple, darkness claimed the thief once more due to the immense orgasm unlike and he’d felt before caused by the pleasure.

    More memories resurfaced as he drifted through sleep. Old man Raven taught the little lad that was Nipul the basics of pickpocketing, marking his targets, leaving his calling card, lock picking, prayer,  makeup... wait what? Makeup? When did the thief learn that? No wait… Lady Lavini went over it daily, right? Yes, she did. Her purple face and hair stood as an example to Nipul and he wanted to one day be just as pretty as her. That wasn’t all though. The daily prayers, time magics, the teachings of Alinavious and of course, let’s not forget the others. They were right there alongside her.

    “AHhhhh,” Nipul moaned when she woke up again, her voice that of a refined, noble lady. Why was she on the ground? Looking around, she could see sand lying all around her. What was going on? She stretched her arms, her joints aching a bit. Her perfect hourglass figure grinded against the floor as blue clothing started appearing on her body. Her face had turned fully purple while her hair had grown out down to her hips. Something was amiss, but she didn’t know what it was. Something… something had to be finished. But what? Her face had become very feminine, as had the rest of her body while golden jewelry started adorning her hair and clothes. The blue clothing was loose fitting and fairly see-through. Perfect for the hot, sandy deserts. She wanted to sit up again when the by now familiar blackout came over her once more.

    Nipul stared directly into the eyes of his rival, the cat burglar Persia. Her silken tresses mocking him, he raced the his fellow thief across the roof, wanting to get to their target first. He then tri-… wait... who are those people? That doesn’t seem right. Why would she dream about these strangers? The faces in her dreams then started shifting to people she was much more familiar with. There was Akita, lecturing her all night long about how time should not be toyed with. There was Bridget, elegantly dancing across a battlefield, smashing their foes while she herself prepared a spell. There was Cassiopeia… sweet, sweet Cassie, blushing as her soft white lips touched her own for the first of many times. She was hers. All hers.

    When she woke up again, she looked out in front of her as if in trance. Sitting up, she was still in a haze, confused about what had been going on. The whites of her eyes turned black as she could feel time itself flow through her, much like the sands that were trickling down within her inner hourglass. A smile crept upon her face, knowing that she herself was time and that she acts as its keeper, along with her sisters. Finally, the haze cleared, enabling her to see clearly again. The time elemental held her hand out in front of her, bending the sands of time to her will to form a staff of sorts with her personal DLC sitting proudly at its head. She softly touched it with her latex covered hands when she realized something.

    “I'm late!” she shouted. Her attunement to time allowed her to always be aware of it and as such, she knew now that time was running short for her big moment. She swiftly rose from the hard metal floor, the tresses of her hair bobbing up and down unsteadily. She then quickly checked to see if her outfit was straightened out. The blue, silken, see-through dress covered her but left little to the imagination. She wore puffy pants, a hood of silk and a top that really only covered her breasts. She used her hands to straighten out any irregularities. After all, appearance was highly important for a grand opening. She’d learned that from the years she spent amongst nobility. When finally satisfied, she opened her eyes to the eternal sands of time. Using her staff, she bent it to her will, creating a sand portal for herself. On the other side, she found herself appearing on a stage of sorts, surrounded by a large crowd of people below. Of course, this was her grand entrance. This had been planned in secret for when the cathedral opened again.

    “Introducing,” came the mechanical voice of Bridget, “the Bishop of Alinavious. Lady Lavini!” The hourglass time keeper smiled and bowed. The sands within her inner hourglass seemed to defy gravity as it continued to trickle from the top half in her chest down to the bottom half between her hips. She was met with applause and flashes from reporters wanting to take a photograph from the newest time elemental.

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said, her posh accent audible in her voice, “I thank you all for coming to the grand opening of the temple. My sisters and I will accept any who wish to learn more about the intricate details of time. May its everlasting ticks forever guide your step.” The people cheered and though the trio was met with some catcalls and whistles from some of the men, they didn’t care about that. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that the last of the tourists had left the church, leaving the three timekeepers alone. They looked at each-other and nodded.

    “A fantastic first day, if I do say so myself,” Lavini said, stretching her arms.

    “Agreed!” Akita said, removing the visor from her face with a snap of her fingers.

    “It is just a shame that sir Edwin can’t be here to join us,” Bridget said with a chuckle before embracing her lover Akita in a hug.

    “Hmm, speaking of which,” Lavini said, “I have somewhere else to be.” She winked at that, followed by giggles from her fellow timekeepers. The hourglass mage then opened another sand portal for herself again, this time leading to the incubation chamber below ground. Instantly, her ears were assaulted by the cries of babies. As Bridget had said, there have been quite some failed attempts with the hourglass DLC and they all ended up here for now. Cassiopeia the nun, Lavini’s nun, was tending to all of them at once, moving from incubation pod to incubation pod. She was currently carrying a small boy in her arms. Wordlessly, the hourglass keeper moved over and surprised her with a kiss. She gasped.

    “L-Lavini,” she said. “You startled me.”

    “I’m sorry, love,” Lavini replied with a chuckle. “How are things going here?”

    “The three from last week are making progress,” she sighed. “I’m glad you are here now. Means no more new ones.”

    “I’m sorry, my Cassie,” the bishop said and carefully touched the hourglass in her staff. “I was far too late…”

    “It’s alright, my dear,” Cassiopeia said with a smile. “I know you have your reasons. Just so long as you let me in on these reasons every now and then.”

    “Of course, love, of course,” Lavini said and gave the nun a careful hug. “Sometimes though, I don’t even quite know the reasons myself. Just that it all has to happen as time decides.” The baby, Edwin, tried to grab at her hair but she quickly got out of the way again from his grabby little hands.

    “Will you stay here with me?” the nun asked.

    “Not quite yet, I’m afraid, but I will in a moment.” the hourglass keeper said. She then used her staff to create yet another sand portal. This one was different though. Whereas the others had all been mere portals to another place in space, this one was a portal to another point in time. “About a week ago, ‘someone’ needs to inform a certain thief about a wealthy old man visiting a church.”

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Chapter 2 – Digitally Accurate


Even though this was the third fight since she had joined the party, seeing Bridget in action was still one of the most extraordinary things that Aldrin had ever seen. As an adventurer, you see some strange and unusual sights alright. Why, he could recall this one time he ran into an ogre drag queen and he promptly tried to forget about that memory again right away. Bridget, it seemed, was an elemental of sorts and though he was no stranger to elementals, he had never seen a time elemental before. The priest had to bite his lip every time the clockwork doll was about to get hit yet she always seemed to just barely avoid the incoming blows and come out on top. It was quite unbelievable, watching her petite unarmored form just dancing through a hail of arrows and drop kicking the golem that was operating the trap on the far side of the room.

    “Nice job,” Aldrin shouted as he got out of his hiding spot. He was no beginner by any means, but he was not cut out for battle. He’d rather have others do that for him while he himself stands the back performing damage control as the healer. Bridget smiled as the light from the torch that Aldrin was holding shined off her sexy metallic face. When she approached, the priest could hear the ticking clock originating from her body. He had to admit, he had come to enjoy that sound now as it was quite relaxing, even during a hectic battle.

    “Thanks Aldrin,” she said in her meek, mechanical voice, “but I couldn’t have done it without your haste spell.”

    “No worries,” the priest said with a laugh, “it was my pleasure.” He did his best to try and hide the blush that started appearing on his face. After all, it wasn’t often he was thanked for his work, let alone by a cute girl like Bridget. Being a priest was usually a rather thankless job since most people just took his actions for granted. If anything, people would often put the blame on him if things go wrong.

    “Whateverrr,” Castor shouted in his thick Pronce accent. “Hurry it up a little, I don’t have all day.” The cloaked rogue wielding twin blades already headed down the corridor towards the next room, paying no heed to his party members.

    “Blah,” Bridget replied, sticking out her tongue at the rogue behind his back. Aldrin found himself smiling at her antics and he wondered how someone like her could be a front line fighter. Aldrin and Castor had hired Bridget as a guide but she proved to be quite the asset to the party.

    “We should probably get going. Castor gets impatient easily,” Aldrin said, knowing the rogue’s reckless behavior that had gotten the duo in trouble far too many times before.

    “Oh fine,” Bridget said, skipping ahead on the tips of her toes. The priest couldn’t help but look at her in awe as she did so. Though her movements were tied to the ticks and clicks of her inner mechanical workings, she still moved so elegantly. It was unlike any clockwork he’d ever seen before. He had yet to see her stand on her flat soles since they met. He admired her a lot. Though Bridget acted rather child-like and carefree, she was still someone that was very much in control of the situation. Unlike Aldrin himself thanks in no small part to Castor ordering him around all the time. As he pondered these things over, he found that he had been staring at the Elegimentis’ behind. Her rounded hips, her shiny body, her generously sized breasts. He blushed and quickly looked down at the floor as he hurried after his companions.

    When the party descended deeper into the caverns, they found themselves in a room that was significantly different from anything they’d seen up until now. For starters, where each of the rooms from before were old ruined rooms made of stone, this room was mostly made out of metal and seemed to be in perfect shape. The walls were decorated with strange, highly modernistic designs. Each of the symbols emitted vibrant neon lights in a wide assortment of different colours. The room radiated with energy but how could that be? How could a dungeon like this one possibly have the power to charge all of these lights? Castor, behind his mask, seemed equally intrigued by it all, though only momentarily as he soon decided to just carry on going again. Bridget on the other hand does not react to this strange new sight at all. It was as if she already knew the answers to this mystery.

    The pathway opened up to a large chamber of sorts with glowing bulbs of various colors. In the center there were several floating boxes and a free floating table that hummed with incandescent white lights.

    “This is it! The Ynimus,” Bridget said excitedly. She skipped over to the floating table like the ballerina dancer that she was, her metallic feet clinking against the steel floor with each hop.

    “As we agreed, whatever is in the boxes is yours to keep,” the time elemental said as she examined the devices. Castor wasted no time and activated all of the boxes as soon as possible, opening them all up.

    “Anything good?” Aldrin asked as he joined his companions in the middle of the room. The magitech loot that they had found seemed so strange to him, as if from the future. Their strange shapes, the materials they were made out of, the mysterious lighting… it was unlike anything they’d dealt with before.

    “Like I know,” Castor groaned. “We'll need to take this to an artificer to identify them.” He smiled, obviously thinking about the riches that this was going to make them. That smile though soon turned into an evil grin that the priest had come to recognize all too well. Aldrin grabbed him by the shoulders.

    “Castor, come on,” he whispered, “we don't need to do this to her.”

    “Don't we?” Castor whispered back evilly, grabbing his daggers. “Why would she just let us have all of this without anything in exchange? For all we know, she might trap us or sneak off with the only worthwhile artifact. So get out of my way, unless you wanna join her.” Aldrin knew that he should stop the rogue. That Bridget didn't deserve this. Yet he also didn’t have the guts to stand up to his companion. That is, up until now.

    “No,” he said, balling his fist and looking up angrily.

    “Falling for a transformed,” Castor said, “how disgusting. We'll discuss this later.” With that, the rogue sucker punched Aldrin in the face before finally walking over to the elemental. The priest fell over forwards, his vision spinning and his nose bleeding while his companion walked over to the Elegimentis, his dagger hidden behind his back.

    “What are you two fighting about?” he heard Bridget say in a somewhat concerned tone.

    “Nothing to worry about, my dear. Just a minor loot dispute,” Castor said to try and play it off as something innocent. In reality, he was waiting for the right moment to strike. The priest couldn’t let that happen. Not this time.

    “Watch out!” he shouted. Bridget tilted her head at this and much to everyone’s surprise, she reached into her cleavage and pulled out a strange black trinket.

    “How did you know I had a watch on me?” she asked confused. Castor groaned and instantly dropped his ploy, charging forwards to attack. His skillful steps blurred his form, his daggers soon striking at his target. Only now did Bridget realize what Aldrin meant and just as quickly, she performed a dance move and swayed her body out of the way of the incoming slashes.

    “And here I thought you would actually listen,” she said. She sounded disappointed yet her tone completely shifted from the child-like behaviour she had been showing up until now into something far more serious. Had she been planning something all this time?

    “It's every man for themselves here,” Castor said, “and you’ve already lost your man-card!” His attacks became swifter with every slash. Some of his strikes actually manage to their mark, only for the daggers to merely clink off her metal body, barely leaving a scratch.

    “Is that so?” Bridget said, tilting her head in confusion. Then, much to Aldrin’s surprise, she actually started smiling as she simply kept on dancing, occasionally hitting the rogue back with a punch or a kick, which hit much harder considering they were made of metal. Aldrin meanwhile stood up, using magic to heal his broken nose first. He had to stop this fight somehow, but he knew that he couldn’t beat Castor. He was way too fast for him, not to mention incredibly deadly. For now though, it seemed like Bridget had things under control. She simply kept on hopping backwards as if she was giving a normal dance routine for an audience as the rogue kept on slashing. All the while, she could only giggle and taunt her renegade party member. Eventually though, Bridget found herself cornered in the middle of the room, the floating devices preventing her from dodging backwards any further. Castor took this moment to grin and stopped his slashes.

    “Any last words?” he said.

    “We could have done this the easy way, you know,” Bridget said, her smile never fading from her face. “I guess it can’t be helped.”

    “Hand over that watch!” Castor demanded but Bridget had other plans.

    “Don’t be like that,” she said, pouting and she turned around, reaching for the floating table-like device behind her. Castor gasped and dashed forwards.

    “You’re dead!” he yelled but before he could slash, the Elegimentis had placed the mysterious trinket on the Ynimus. The device started emitting neon lights as it hummed to life. It wasn’t long before the entire room lit up. The light soon formed a beam which seemed to have a mind of its own. It struck Castor first and Aldrin could see him melting away before his very eyes. He yelled as his arms, his legs, his head and everything changed into digitalized ones and zeros before fading away completely. As if today couldn’t get any stranger. He had little time to do anything though as the beam of light started affecting him next. He screamed as he too faded into strings upon strings of numbers, yet he recognized this magic: a teleportation spell.

    “I’ll see you again soon,” Bridget said, winking at the priest. That was the last thing Aldrin saw before he was swept away completely, leaving only two scorch marks where the adventurers had been mere moments ago.


“What the hell?” Aldrin said when he finally came to again. Looking around himself, he found himself in a most peculiar location. The area was unnaturally dark while being illuminated by blue neon lights all over the place. They were everywhere, from the walls of nearby buildings to the floor, and in all sorts of patterns too. It sent chills down the priest’s spine.

    “Humph, you’re finally awake,” he heard a familiar voice behind him. Turning around, he could see Castor, wearing a black version of his usual outfit with similar blue neon highlights to the ones surrounding them. The priest wasn’t sure whether to be happy seeing a familiar face or to be scared of the fact that it was Castor, who had tried to kill him and Bridget before. He decided to go for the first option for now.

    “What's with the clothes?” he asked, surprised by the change in attire.

    “Look at yourself.” Castor said. Aldrin figured that he too had decided to stay friends for now, else he would have already killed him. Looking down, he realized that his clothes too had gone through a similar transformation.

    “So where the hell are we now?” the rogue asked.

    “How should I know?” Aldrin responded. “You’re the one who attacked Bridget.”

    “That damn metal doll,” Castor cursed under his breath. “I knew she was planning something. She set us up, and you were a fool for trusting her! Ugh, whatever. Just use your hocus pocus and get us out of here.” It seemed to have conveniently slipped his mind that he had broken Aldrin’s nose earlier, let alone the fact that magic was not to be trifled with and that a teleportation spell was not all that simple.

    “Yeah, yeah” Aldrin just said with a sigh. He did not expect Bridget to do this to them and he wondered what would have happened had Castor not attacked. He was about to start channeling magic when he spotted something lying on the ground just in front of them. It was small, black and shone a neon light. It was a band, almost like a bracelet with a circular shape on adorning the middle. On that were four numbers in neon light: 12:42. Not understanding its true purpose, he tilted his head when he recognized the strange trinket.

    “Huh, this looks like the device that Bridget placed on the Ynimus,” Aldrin said, bending over and reaching for it so that he could give it a closer inspection. That was a mistake. The moment he touched the object, its neon symbols and numbers lit up. Next, it started expanding a little, hovering up off the ground and flying at his throat. It then snapped shut around his neck like a collar and before he could even comprehend what was going on, his limbs started disassembling into energy again, much like it had before.

    “I HATE TELEPORTAATTTIOONNNN!!” Aldrin managed to shout out this time before getting sucked away, the feeling of his body tingling. The last he was able to see this time was a kind of construct reaching for Castor from behind with tentacle-like mechanical arms. Maybe teleportation wasn’t so bad after all…

    “Ugh…” he stuttered when his vision cleared again, the tingling sensations only stopping the moment he was fully reassembled once more. Looking around, he found himself in a closed off chamber now, unlike the open area he was in before with Castor. Once again, the walls, the floor and even the ceiling were filled with neon lights. They showed numbers and symbols of all sorts. Some Aldrin recognized from books he’d read, however it was only a handful of what must have been hundreds.

    “Hello? Anybody there?” he asked around himself but all that he heard in response were electronic beeps all around himself. The lights flashed in perfect synchronisation as he noticed that the numbers were changing in much the same pattern, seemingly counting down.

    “Well that's pretty creepy,” he said, mostly to try and interrupt the constant droning beeps that echoed throughout the room. Aldrin thought back of Bridget now. Was this her plan? To put him in this strange room while Castor was taken somewhere else? He didn’t think there was anything diabolical behind that innocent face of hers and yet, here he was. He sighed and looked around for a door when suddenly he heard a much louder, much faster beeping sound coming from somewhere behind him. When he looked over, he saw that it had been one of the timers and it hit zero. That was when Aldrin could feel his robes tighten around him. It got so tight that it caused him to momentarily lose his breath, his clothes feeling like a second skin now. That wasn’t all though as his clothes changed in both colour as well as texture, becoming red and most of all blue coloured latex.

    “What in the name of...” he shouted in both surprise and panic. His mind raced for possible counterspells against this magic but out of the corner of his eyes, he could see that another timer had already reached zero. The realization hit him that the numbers on the device that was around his neck now must have been an indication of time. Another set of loud beeps echoed throughout the room and Aldrin could feel a new change hitting him just as sudden as before. He could feel that the robes around his chest tightened even further, or at least, that’s what he thought at first. When he looked down, he could see that it was actually his chest that was expanding. His nipples rubbed up against the skin-tight latex suit and became much more sensitive than they were before. His chest burned with waves of pleasure as his clothes gave only barely enough leeway for the new breasts that he was growing and they grew to be quite large too, only ending at full D-cups. He couldn’t get over the fact how incredibly sensitive his breasts felt right at that moment. With every single motion, they rubbed against the latex, sending another tingle throughout his entire body. He couldn’t help himself then and he let out a moan, only for him to realize that that moan came out in a higher pitch than he was used to. He still sounded male, but he could just as easily be mistaken for a woman now.

    “Please, stop this,” he pleaded as the tone of his voice continued to rise. “We can work something out, I'm sure. Castor, Bridget, anyone!” Yet there was no response. All he heard were the timers that beeped with each passing second. Within moments, another one of them beeped louder, indicating it had finished its countdown.

    “AAHHH! Ahhhhh!!” The pleasure that was coursing through his body seemed to amplify even more now as he could feel that his crotch was being affected next. He reached down and could feel that he had a bulge down there, indicating that he was rock-hard. It was not to last however as he could feel the bulge shrink down. His penis became smaller and smaller as it retracted back into his body, leaving him with a vagina instead. The latex suit hugged his new flattened genitals perfectly as he was now very much a she. Her legs buckled from all of the pleasure that she was feeling. She desperately wanted it to stop but she did not receive any kind of break.

    “No more,” she pleaded in her new sexy soprano voice as the pleasure hit her like a tsunami, causing her first ever female orgasm. Aldrin had to admit, that did feel rather good. That was not the end of it though as her ass and her hips expanded against the encompassing latex. Meanwhile her shoulders became much more slender, as did her arms and her legs. When that was finally over, the priest couldn’t help but pass out from exhaustion.


When Aldrin opened his eyes, all he could really see were stars. He closed his eyes again and sat up.

    ‘What a strange dream,’ he thought to himself and he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, only to realize that his hands were covered in latex. When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was still very much a she, and that she had not been dreaming at all. She sighed.

    “Wishful thinking,” she said in her soprano voice. At the very least, her body did not feel as sensitive anymore as it did before but her nipples were still poking out. She felt around her neck to try and find the watch that had transformed her but soon discovered that it had turned into much the same latex as the rest of her outfit. Looking around herself, she noticed that some of the timers had actually started floating off the walls and danced around the room as virtual boxes. She didn’t really know what to make of that when behind her, she could hear the by now familiar sound of a timer going off again.

    “Ugh, What’s it this time?!! WHAT!!?” she shouted in frustration, stood up and looked around at the timer. It was one of the floating boxes and it shattered after it was done beeping, revealing a helmet of sorts. The back was red while the front was blue and see-through. The thing was made out of a strange material she couldn’t fully identify. Before the priest could inspect it any further though, the helmet flew at her head and snapped shut. The only parts of her body that were still uncovered now were her nose, mouth, chin and her cleavage. She screamed in fear at this new unwanted change.

     “No! I was-” she tried to yell but she got interrupted mid-sentence as the helmet started affecting her mind. She didn’t even notice that her short blonde hair started growing from under her new headgear and forming two long pigtails that reached down to her hips, turning blue in the process. She was too focused on the hundreds of little electrical charges that seemed to be entering her very soul. Her mind tried desperately to fight these intrusions as each new charge seemed stronger than the last one.

    'This isn't right!' she shouted mentally.

    'Why not?' a familiar voice echoed, letting her reasons slip away like water through her fingers.

    'Because I'm a man!' she yelled but again, the voice talked back.

    ‘Wait, no, that can’t be right,’ it said. Only now did she realize that it was her own soprano voice talking back to her. Why did she think she was a man? After all, she could clearly remember her life as a priestess, devoted to the goddess of time. As this mental conversation with herself was going on, more timers went off around her. Around her head, two floating boxes shattered, revealing two black clocks with neon-lit arms and numbers. Both of them snapped onto her helmet on each side.

    'Wait, why was I making such a fuss?' she wondered to herself. The transformation she was undergoing was something wonderful after all. After her years of devotion and servitude alongside Bridget, she was at long last awarded her rebirth for her faith. She had been looking forward to this and now it was finally happening. Behind her, another box shattered, revealing yet another black clock, much like the ones on her helmet, this one snapping onto her back. Below that, two small circular holes appeared on her lower back. These same holes appeared in the middle of all three of the black clocks.

    “Whoah,” the priestess said when she looked down at her body. Only now did she see that her skin had changed to be blue and quite shiny too. She wanted to grin at it but a part of her mind still thought that something was off. Something about this just didn’t seem right. That little bit of resistance was quickly taken care of when behind her, another timer beeped and signalled the next change. She could suddenly feel three wires plugging into her back and instantly sending an electrical current throughout her body. She yelped as the electricity was quite strong! When she opened her mouth, she appeared to be emitting a bluish light from it. At first, the charge surging through her body seemed like it would get to be too much, but after a few seconds, it was actually starting to feel good. What had felt like pain before turned into a source of energy. It was invigorating her like nothing ever had before. The electricity had changed her very soul. When she looked down at her body, she could see that it was simply glowing with the electric current that was running through her. On her upper legs, as well as on her exposed cleavage, a digital representation of time became visible in red. When the plugs were removed from her back again, she frowned. They felt so good after all.

    “This… is… fantastic,” she said as the last of Aldrin’s resistance faded away, accepting her new body. Her change, however, wasn’t finished yet as a final timer beeped which caused 2 more plugs to plug into the black clocks on her helmet. Much like before, this sent a surge of electricity directly into her body, but this time it also affected her mind, changing it. She closed her hazel eyes as this surge was more than just electricity. The teachings of the goddess, the beeps of digital clocks and even time itself entered her mind, becoming a part of her. When she opened her eyes again, they had changed, having become the same bluish colour as her mouth and emitting just as much light. When the plugs left her body again, the new time elemental was exhausted from everything that had happened. She could feel her digital heart throbbing in her chest as a new memory entered her mind. No, this wasn’t a new memory at all. It was her feelings of love. Love for the mechanical clockwork time elemental that had supported her along every step of the way leading up to this day. Love for those silken metal lips, those smooth curves, those hard gears. Now that the change was over, she wanted nothing more than to be reunited with the love of her life again. She looked around herself at the room around her. Though she was alone there, she knew that she was accompanied by the presence of digital clocks. A smile appeared on her face.

    “I am Akita, priestess to the goddess of the present and one of the keepers of time,” she proudly announced, her voice having changed slightly to have a digital edge to it, kind of sounding like Bridget now. Now that she embodied time itself, the realization struck her how long this transformation really took. It was 3:18 already! She chuckled and snapped her fingers, somehow already knowing how her new body worked as if on instinct as she started dissipating into digital energy and numbers once more.


Bridget had been waiting around for 2 hours, 36 minutes and 51 seconds now when finally, the energy that had teleported the two adventurers reappeared again. She expected to find that pesky rogue trapped in some way due to his disrespectful manner. However, that was not the case as a blue woman reappeared from the Ynima. She was surprised to see her at first. The priest, Aldrin… no that’s not right. The priestess Akita had some potential she thought but for her to awaken as a keeper of time like herself? To think that the love of her life was the one chosen by the atomic re-balancer DLC. A broad smile appeared on her face as she admired Akita’s new body. Her thoughts were filled with longing and lust as Akita fully reformed, smiling a similar smile indicating her own lust.

    “Shall we,” Bridget said while swaying over. Akita grinned back and embraced the mechanical priestess in a hug.

    “Of course, my love,” she said. Bridget looked deep into Akita’s eyes through the latter’s visor. Her mechanical clock faces that were her irises were reflected back in digital form in her lover’s eyes. They hugged each-other tightly as their lips finally touched. The kissed seemed to last an eternity. Bridget’s mechanical ticks and Akita’s digital beeps became one as their inner clocks synchronized forever more.

Like Clockwork Part 2 - Digitally Accurate
Revised/editing/clean up by :iconroxanne13579:

comic by :iconibenz009:

Comic for the actual transformation scene posted by Ibenz009

Finally got around to finishing this up.

Not the cleanest writing as I couldn't find some of my old detail notes but I think it works well enough.

Either way working on part 3.

Just realized I hadn't actually updated my journal yet this year.
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So there will be a contest this year probably starting next month or so, not sure what the topic should be.

I threw this question out in my web comic comments just curious what people around here have for ideas.

There have been some good suggestions like since it's the 7 year anniversary do something around lucky 7 or such.
Anyways toss me your souls, I mean ideas people.
Also what would you like to see worked on this year?
Existing projects?
New side stories?
jigglypuffs of doom?


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Other projects.

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Beta of one of the Games is on the Adult Blog and on TF/TG game forums atm.
It is XXX so I won't post it here.
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Custom art and such to make it a actual indie game has started.
You can occasionally find character sketches and such on the normal blog.
(honestly very lazy about this one as it's very time consuming to work on, like i have hundreds of hours plugged into it already and I've barely scratched what I want to do)

Finish the Card and/or Board Game - Re-balancing.
Did some testing and playing of other card games (mainly MTG again), simple result was that it was to many numbers to manage essentially. Not completely redoing it but simplifying the specs as it got way to cumbersome to keep track of what curses/status effect/gear/classes + hp/sp/mp after like 2 rounds.
I'm always looking for more ideas/images so if you have a trap/curse/spell/event/monster card idea let me know (note/message) or just submit it to the group.…

Website updates, really should spend a few weeks revamping everything, reward vs effort aspect though as no one really complains about the generic design though it bugs me.


Donations Projects are always ongoing

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Sister Sins: Guard who cried Bimbo 06 by ZeroForever

It totals 16 pages.

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